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Most Popular Engagement Ring Cuts That Are Trending In The Jewelry Market

By September 16, 2022No Comments

Engagement Ring Cuts

When searching for the engagement ring of your dreams, it is common knowledge that the cut of the central stone is the most important factor to consider. Each one shines in its own special way, and if you want to get started, you need to think about which one catches your eye the most. 

Think about the aspects of daily jewelry that are most significant to you. Do you like a style that is more trendy, or do you often visit consignment stores in search of the next amazing vintage find? Do you like to have a rock that seems enormous, or would you rather give the impression of an elongated appearance of your fingers? 

All of these aspects are determined by the stone’s cut, and you’re in luck because we’re going to break them all down for you now by letting you know the best engagement ring cuts that are trending in the Jewelry market

Various Types of Engagement Ring Cuts

The round brilliant shape is the most common choice for diamonds used in engagement rings. Due to their exceptional light performance and universal shape, which enables them to be set in a limitless variety of setting styles, round brilliant-cut diamonds are classic sparklers. Round brilliant-cut diamonds are the quintessential sparklers.

There are, however, a variety of choices available to suit the several types of brides. Consider purchasing a princess-cut diamond for a more sophisticated and angular appearance. Princess-cut diamonds have the same amount of brightness as round-cut diamonds. 

Or, if you have a thing for vintage designs, you may opt for a cushion-cut diamond, which has a classy brilliance and a classic appearance. Diamonds with a step cut, such as Asscher and emerald, have a distinct angular appearance and a higher degree of transparency compared to diamonds with other cuts. Diamonds with a radiant cut are emerald-shaped, but they contain additional facets so that they sparkle more brilliantly.

Pear, marquise, and oval-cut diamonds stand out and make your fingers seem longer, while trillion-cut diamonds glitter in a stylish triangle form. If you are looking for something more distinctive, consider purchasing diamonds with one of these cuts. 

Choose a ring made of baguette diamonds rather than one with a center stone if you’re the kind of bride-to-be who prefers to keep things simple. And for the most hopelessly romantic among us, there are heart-shaped diamonds, which kind of say it all by their very design.

Whether you are in it for something modern or vintage, here are some of the most popular engagement ring cuts that are trending in the jewelry market.

Princess cut Engagement Ring

The iconic princess cut is another style of engagement ring that is quite widespread in popularity. Because of its adaptable face-up form and the fact that it may have either square or rectangular sides, a princess cut is an excellent option for almost any kind of ring. You will get a more trendy and geometrical style with these diamonds, and they will still showcase a significant amount of sparkle. 

Additionally, the cost of these diamonds is often considerably lower than the cost of the more commonly purchased round-cut diamonds. However, since princess-cut diamonds are notorious for chipping at the corners or falling out of their settings, you should be sure you use sturdy mounting.

Round Cut Engagement Ring

Diamonds with a round cut are quite popular among brides. It should come as no surprise that this stone reigns supreme given that its form is designed to enhance the brilliance of the diamond by ensuring that the right amount of light is reflected off of it. 

Diamonds with a round, brilliant cut function very well when used as solitaires, in settings with two or three stones, and even in geometric settings for a more vintage appearance. These diamonds are perfect for brides who like traditional styles, but if you lean more toward the unconventional, you may want to think about getting a cut that makes the diamond appear on fewer fingers.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Because of its resemblance to Art Deco design, the emerald cut diamond is a popular choice. This kind of diamond is distinguished by a rectangular step cut, an open table, and cropped corners. Even while it has a more moderate sparkle—what some people like to refer to as a “hall-of-mirrors” effect—its broad silhouette and angular lines capture the diamond’s purity while powerfully catching the light. 

This is the hallmark of a well-designed diamond. When arranged vertically, the form of these rings makes fingers seem longer and more slender, making them ideal for use in engagement ring selfies. 

Clarity, on the other hand, is of the highest significance, as is color, due to the fact that there are fewer aspects on which to focus attention away from imperfections. It is also not a very dazzling style; so, if you are searching for a cut that will make you stand out in a crowd, this is not the one for you.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Because of its square-cut combination with rounded edges, this excellent cut is sometimes likened to a pillow. This enhances the stone’s brightness, which, when paired with the cut’s traditional 58 bigger facets, makes the stone seem more brilliant. 

The cushion-cut diamond was very popular in the 19th century when the majority of gemstones were cut in this style. The cushion-cut diamond has been around since the 18th century. They give off an atmosphere that is completely reminiscent of another era, making them an excellent choice for venues that have a vintage flavor. 

Brilliant-cut diamonds have a more intense brilliance, while step-cut diamonds have a less intense sparkle overall, and even if they look excellent in modern settings, they aren’t the most current.


Having various types of engagement cuts is a great option because not every bride wants the same design. Everyone has their own preference and taste and the cut determines whether it suited the bride’s taste or not. Hopefully, our list of various types of engagement ring cut designs will help you to find the right cut for you.

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