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How Diamonds are Cut

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The cut of a diamond contributes to its value and overall beauty. When a diamond is cut, it creates facets in the stone that make it sparkle. Common types of facets are star facet, table facet, bezel facet, pavillion facet, and girdle facet. The cut also forms the shape of the diamond, which is a factor is determining the value of a diamond as well.

There are several methods that jewelers use when cutting stones:

  • Cleaving – This method is used to cut rough diamonds. Diamonds are placed on a wax or cement mold, and then the stone is cut at its weakest, which is along its tetrahedral plane. A sharp groove is created in the stone, so the jeweler can separate it into two pieces.
  • Sawing – This method involves a phosphor-bronze blade or a laser. Sawing is done when diamonds appear to have no signs of weakness. The cutter first decides which part of the stone will be the table, or the flat top, and which part will be the girdle, or the outside rim. After making that determination, the cutter then cuts the diamond.
  • Bruiting – This method is done by hand. Bruiting allows the cutter to use a diamond to cut another diamond. The stone is placed in a cement-filled bowl, exposing only one corner. The cutter then rubs another diamond on that part to shape it. If this method is done by a machine, it is simply called cutting.
  • Polishing – This method creates the finished look of the stone. A rotating polishing wheel is used to polish the stone, using an abrasive diamond powder that smoothes the stone when it is pressed against the wheel.

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