Hidden Halo Engagement Rings – The Most Demanded Trend Right Now
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Hidden Halo Engagement Rings – The Most Demanded Trend Right Now

Choosing a suitable center stone is important

For us, engagement rings have always been special. It is crafted meticulously, and it is noticed that every engagement ring is unique. Obviously, a ring should expand its detail and get attention, and it is also designed to last a lifetime. For gaining the stone trust, you need to choose a perfect diamond and a complementary setting. People also look for a wedding band for halo rings. 

These are, in fact, big decisions, and thus, they are needed to be taken carefully. The features of your ring may not be noticeable at first glance. But the beauty comes down when the features of the ring are explored. 

What is a halo ring? 

The halo setting is a combination of small accent stones. They are mostly paved diamonds. They combine in such a way that there forms a large stone at the center of the ring. The halo setting is in the same shape as the center stone. Also, they can be different. They can be of halo cut or round diamond cut too. Halo engagement rings are amongst the popular ring styles when it comes to engagement rings. Some people think that the design is a bit overdone, which means it has more than the required amount of design. If you are familiar with the term halo, then you may know the reason. The word halo means a set of diamonds formed in a row and which rounds up the center stone. 

What is a hidden halo ring?

Now the term halo ring doesn’t stay single. There is a term called hidden added to the halo engagement ring, and it is known as the Hidden halo engagement ring. It is also known as the under halo engagement ring. Actually, the hidden halo engagement ring is nothing different. It gives a modern look over the traditional design, and since its start, the popularity is outreaching very fast. The hidden halo ring is referred to as an under halo setting, which is a unique and innovative look and takes away the look of the classic halo design. Actually, halo rings and hidden halo rings may seem familiar, but they have a totally different look. The main difference between a halo ring and a hidden halo ring is that the center stone isn’t visible in the hidden one. In the halo ring, the center stone is framed by rows of diamonds, but in the case of a hidden halo ring, the center stone sits below the rows of diamonds. As it remains at the base and remains hidden, that is why it is called the hidden halo engagement ring.

How center stone appears more extensive in the Hidden halo ring? 

The concept of a hidden halo ring emphasizes more on the center stone as it looks larger. From a bird’s eye view, it is not possible to see any halo from any angle. But for a hidden halo, and it looks 15% larger than other rings. The outlook of any hidden halo ring looks like somewhat that there is a diamond over the diamond, and it looks shinier. There is no size for hidden halo works. It goes with any kind of shape. It fits perfectly with all types of shapes, unlike other settings. The popularity of hidden halo is increasing because the diamonds look shiner and larger. Any kind of shape for as oval, round, pear, radiant will go with the hidden halo setting. The advantage of this setting is that more diamonds can be added to the band without damaging the center stone. 

Metal mixing becomes in hidden halo ring possible for having space

It always looks nice if your ring has a mixed mash of different types of metal. But for any compact setting, as there remains no space, metal mixing is not possible. When it comes to halo settings, there is a lot of room for mixing metals without causing any damage to the design. Think of a yellow gold setting with a white gold solitaire band. Wow, they will look so amazing. Moreover, it will support the hidden halo too. It is necessary to have varieties of options when purchasing a hidden halo engagement ring. Moreover, having many choices will expand broad areas for designing, and you will surely get the perfect engagement ring. Always the halo setting is not preferred. Such as the cushion cut engagement rings, no halo is also preferred. 

Even pricing for halo ring and hidden halo ring

Although the setting the style may be different, the price for both the halo and hidden halo setting is the same. Actually, people go for either one irrespective of their price. The hidden halo setting price may be the same or different as the halo ring has center stone scattered with diamonds, but the price is even for both of the rings. 

Should you get the hidden halo engagement ring? 

Actually, it’s a bit odd question because it actually depends on one’s preference. It entirely depends on the buyer’s choice. But now, the popularity of hidden halo rings is more. The setting is also essential, and for the halo setting engagement ring, it is more important. It is actually preferred more for the center stone to capture the attraction of the ring. If you are looking for reasonable rings that are less costly but have too many diamonds with an eye-catching center stone, then the hidden halo engagement ring is worth buying. 

What has Diamond Exchange Dallas has to offer for a hidden halo ring?

At Diamond Exchange Dallas, they have the latest collections with any shape of diamonds. Their hidden halo engagement rings have delicate elegance. They have various shapes suitable for hidden halo rings. They have a hidden halo oval engagement ring. Their collection consists of a square halo engagement ring. They also have the most demanded halo ring, which is the princess cut halo diamond ring. If you want an additional amount of sparkle, then their company has exclusive sparkling diamonds, which can be placed on the ring around the center stone so that it will catch attraction from every angle. 

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