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Halo Engagement Rings – Make You Fall in Love Instantly

#3107A-1000 14K White Gold Pear Halo with wrap diamonds

It is not difficult to see the reason behind the rising demand for hidden halo engagement rings. The thin band of diamonds that sits below the main stone and is often only visible when the ring is seen from the side is an enjoyable way to add a little bit of additional sparkle to your jewelry.

It is also an excellent method for giving your center stone a bit of a lift, and it is more understated than the standard halo setting. This type of design will make you fall in love with diamond rings instantly.

What Does Halo Setting Mean?


The halo setting is a kind of ring that encircles a bigger center stone with a ring of smaller accent stones, which are commonly pavé diamonds. It is possible for the halo to have the same form as the center stone, or it may have a different shape altogether, such as a cushion-cut halo around a round diamond.

Any ring may benefit from the addition of a halo, but these particular embellishments are particularly befitting of a princess. Not only are they adaptable and simple to personalize, but by using this setting, a diamond may give the impression that it weighs up to a half-carat more than it really does.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Halo Setting


The fact that a halo setting makes your ring seem to be bigger than it really is perhaps the most appealing aspect of this kind of mounting. The halo setting was developed to highlight the natural beauty of the centerpiece stone by augmenting its size and brightness in a manner that was not too expensive.

 If the main stone and the accent stones are different colors, the halo setting will direct more attention to the center stone. The clash of hues and the brilliant shine of it both contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Although a halo setting may make a center diamond seem bigger, which can result in cost savings on the actual stone, this kind of setting is not always the most cost-effective choice. When compared to more straightforward designs, such as those with solitaire or three stones, the style with more metal and more diamonds will be more costly.

When working with halo settings, you need to take extra caution since the tiny diamonds that surround the bigger stone tend to get loose. It is quite challenging to match an engagement ring with a wedding band when the ring has a setting that is shaped like a halo because of the way it produces an edge around the main stone and the way the design of the halo itself.

What Should You Look for in a Halo Setting?


Cuts of the Diamonds

Even though any shape may work with a halo, the most common choice is a round brilliant cut diamond. It results in symmetry that is flawless. Because of the dramatic effect it has on the eye, Those who love diamond rings adore a central stone with an emerald cut. In contrast to round-shaped accent stones, the emerald cut’s faceting is more linear, which creates a pleasing visual effect.

Possibility of Using Other Stones

If you do want to include colorful stones in your setting, halo rings are a terrific option to consider. The captivating emeralds, pearls, or rubies that serve as the centerpiece of many halo rings contribute to the piece’s intricate and visually engaging design.

Possibility of Maximizing Halo Setting 

It is recommended that you choose a halo setting with diamonds that are of the same quality (color, cut, and clarity) as the center stone if your goal in purchasing a halo setting is to make the size of your center stone seem to be greater. The ideal impression would be lost if there was a contrast since it would highlight the disparities between the center stone and the accent stones.

Maintenance of Halo-Setting Engagement Ring


You can clean your ring by soaking it in a solution made of dishwashing detergent and warm water. This will help remove any dirt, particles, or makeup that may have collected on your ring. You have the option of air-drying your ring or drying it with a gentle cotton towel. 

Even while it is perfectly OK to clean the ring on your own once a week, it is highly advised that you take your halo engagement ring to a jeweler at least once or twice a year for more complete cleaning and for the jeweler to examine your band for any concerns.

Because there are several lesser diamonds around the center stone, halo rings have a more complicated design. When purchasing this kind of ring, it is recommended that you have a wedding band custom-made so that it may be worn either over or under the engagement ring. If you don’t do that, the two will eventually rub against one another, which will wear away the gallery that’s below them over time. 

If you don’t have a wedding band manufactured, you need to take into account the fact that you will eventually need to repair or replace it at some point. This is an additional element to take into account.

Types of Designs You Can Choose


Bario Neal Stellium Diamond Halo Ring

This halo ring has a distinctively star-like aspect because of the prongs that are utilized in its manufacturing. This is a stunning illustration of a halo setting that has some distance between the center stone and the halo itself.

Anna Sheffield Round Grand Halo Rosette Ring

This typically contemporary halo setting has a round center diamond that is encircled by pavé diamonds on all sides. The rose gold band adds a dash of femininity to the whole look.

Tiffany & Co. Soleste Cushion-Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring

Choose a double halo like this one, which is huge and assertive in appearance, if you really want to make a proclamation with your accessory choice. It is possible to create flawless symmetry thanks to the matching cushion-cut center stone and double halo.

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