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Getting to Know the 4 C’s of a Diamond

By September 30, 2020No Comments

If you’ve ever heard someone say that no two diamonds are alike, it’s true. Each diamond has its own style, its own identify, its own flaws, and its own perfections.

When choosing a diamond, there are four considerations to take into account. This is what is referred to as the 4 C’s: Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

Carat Weight is the weight of a diamond. One gram is equal to five carats. Basically, the higher the carat weight, the higher its rarity and its value. Greater carat weight increases the price of a diamond.

The Color of a diamond may vary from colorless to light yellow. When it comes to color, diamonds are graded on a GIA scale with D, E, and F for colorless and rare diamonds and X, Y and Z to light yellow. Many believe that diamonds with D – F are the most rare and valuable, which is why they are the most expensive. The most popular, commonly purchased diamonds aer within the G – J range.

Cut is the most complex aspect of a diamond because it has to take the proportions and symmetry of the stone into consideration in addition to its ability to reflect the light. Cut is not only about the shape of the diamond, but is also its ability to interact with light.

Clarity refers to the flaws and inclusions of a diamond. Due to its natural formation process of heat and pressure, diamonds have varying blemishes and inclusions that make each one unique. These affect the appearance of the stone, and the clearer a diamond is, the more it increases its value.

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