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Everything You Need To Know About the Lab-Grown Diamonds

By January 23, 2023February 27th, 2023No Comments
Lab Grown Diamonds

Most items are becoming sustainable these days and it is in the spotlight, starting from clothing, lifestyle, jewelry, and also automobiles. The lab grown diamonds Dallas are making their presence popular in the domain of the jewelry industry.

All thanks to the latest technology, as the term suggests, lab-grown diamonds are human-made and they have some properties similar to their mined counterparts. More and more individuals are choosing them as they are good for the planet. Moreover, the ever-growing popularity of sustainable alternatives has led to the huge growth of lab-grown varieties.

The Environmental Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds

As the world is becoming aware of the facts of lab-grown diamonds, they have come as the new symbol of love and commitment. Let us know why they are better for the environment-

  • Less Energy Consumption

Air pollution and water consumption are some of the major issues that are already negatively impacting the planet, but mining diamonds has made things worse than ever. As per the research, to take out the 1-carat earth-mined diamond, you need to extract 1750 tons of Earth. When you compare the lab-grown ones to the mining ones, the impact is much less.

  • Conflict-Free Diamonds

People are concerned about how naturally mined diamonds affect the planet; the fact is that mining requires environmental and social repercussions. Diamond mining affects the lives of natives and local communities. The lab-grown ones are conflict-free and look better polished than the mined diamonds.

  • No Harm To Wildlife Or Natural Resources

In some of the major diamond mining areas globally, the miners have to reroute the rivers and dams and expose the riverbeds for mining the diamonds. As a result, it caused adverse effects on water bodies. It is noted that when the natural ecosystems are disturbed, serious impacts can happen.

What Do You Understand By “Lab Grown” Diamonds?

This is one of the common questions that people ask. The lab-grown diamonds are created in the labs rather than being extracted naturally from the Earth’s crust. The process of making the diamonds in the lab is precise and they have added sparkle, appeal, cut, and scintillation like mine ones.

Who Introduced The 4’C Of Lab Grown Diamonds?

The founder of the Gemological Institute of America introduced the 4’C in the year 1953. This introduction brought objective and uniform standards for the jewelry and gemologists for grading and pricing items.

Although there are other grading systems, the GIA system is quite widespread around the globe for lab-grown pieces. For quite a long time, the GIA has been grading the mined diamond pieces. It was in the year 2007 that started to grade the lab diamonds.

Diamond Exchange Dallas buys back the diamonds that are sold by them and also the pieces that they have bought from others. People who want to save the planet prefer using lab-grown diamonds. As with the mined ones, these diamonds come in different shapes and sizes.

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