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Custom Jewelry Design – Design your jewelry the way you want to

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There are two types of jewelry that can be designed. One is done by the jewelers, who design the jewelry which seems to fit with the current trend of the market. The second one is custom jewelry, this type of design is solely dependent on the taste of the customer. The design doesn’t have to match the trend of the fashion as long as the customer is pleased with his/her design.

So if you are one of those people who are willing to design their own custom jewelry for your spouse or someone special then you have landed on the right place for guidance. Here in this article, we will guide you through the simple techniques that you can follow and make the desired customer jewelry design.

Is customer jewelry design hard to accomplish?

Most people have a false impression that it is very difficult to design custom jewelry. Whereas in reality, it is much easier than you think. In recent years, there has been an increase in custom jewelry designs in the market. More jewelry shops are encouraging the customer to give their preference on making their own design of jewelry. And most importantly, the professional jewelers who have been in the business for many decades are extremely cooperative and flexible in making your dream jewelry design come true.

If you have a design in your mind, chances are an expert jeweler can make it happen using his expertise and skills. Furthermore, someone doesn’t need to have special talents or spend hours obsessing over jewelry and gems. What you need is a good sense of fashion to separate the elements of design from those which are less appealing. And if it becomes too complex to do it on the basic level then you can always ask your jeweler for suggestions.

Why should you choose custom jewelry design as an option?


Less Costly than ready-made jewelry

The main benefit of custom jewelry design is you can shape the budget the way you want since you are selecting every material for the design. If your budget is tight then you can spend less on the metal bands and more on diamonds or vice versa.

Moreover, a diamond is the centerpiece of jewelry or an ornament that contributes the most value. In many readymade designs, you are paying more for the diamonds compared to the whole jewelry. Customizing your jewelry design gives you the benefit to choose your own diamond. You get to have an expensive, rare diamond, or a beautiful yet affordable one.

Your partner will sincerely appreciate your effort

If you customize the design according to the preference of your partner’s taste then he/she will highly appreciate your effort. It will show how much you love your spouse and the lengths you will go to find the perfect jewelry design. 

Your partner will appreciate the time and money you have invested to make the best gift on the special occasion.

You can replicate any expensive jewelry design 

Chances are the design of jewelry that your partner likes are over the budget you have. Customer designs jewelry solves this issue for you. You can replicate the design for your spouse without spending over your budget and making the perfect gift for your partner. 

The replication is done of almost anything. It can be the engagement ring from the movie your partner likes or it can be the earrings that you have seen in the commercial. Whatever the design you need to replicate, if you have an expert and skilled jeweler at your disposal then the sky’s the limit for you.

Basic tips to start your journey in customizing your Jewelry


Browse the internet or sketch design 

If you have something in your mind regarding a custom jewelry design, then you should sketch it out on a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter if your drawing skills are not up to the mark, without overthinking the whole thing, just do a rough draft on a paper. The jewelers can work with the rough draft that you have made, adding suggestions on how to improve the design more.

But if you are not confident about sketching then don’t worry there is another option. You can browse thousands of designs from the internet and choose. If you feel like you have got the design that you wanted then all you need to do is communicate with the jeweler to make it exactly like that with the benefit of adding or removing specific parts of the whole design for custom jewelry.

Learn about the basics of jewelry 

The most important thing to learn about is which band of metal will suit you the best for you. Some of the common metal bands are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. Then comes the diamonds which are very key in making your jewelry more stunning and eye-catching. The quality of diamonds is dependent on 4C’s which are Cut Color, Carat Weight, and Clarity. 

Find an expert jewelry who is flexible to work with you

This part is very important since the whole project will be mounted by the jeweler. It is very important to work with a jeweler who has decades of experience and can understand what you are trying to achieve without expressing it completely. Furthermore, expert jewelers can offer suggestions based on their experience, and most of the time these suggestions are quite beneficial.

Keep track of the progress 

Make sure to keep track of the progress during the whole process of customizing jewelry design. This can be quite beneficial since you might brainstorm to add another piece of stone or gem which might look even better. Or the design you suggested might not be the one for you. If you want to make any changes, the best is to do it at an early stage. Keeping track will help you determine whether to add suggestions or keep it going the way it is.

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