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Choose the Right Cut Of Diamonds before Buying Wholesale

Choose the Right Cut Of Diamonds before Buying Wholesale

When you are thinking about buying a diamond, you might be thinking about a shiny stone in the classic shape of a diamond- a flat top, lots of sides, and a pointed bottom. This is the regular shape of the popular diamond, but do you know that no diamond looks like this from the beginning? Diamonds are minerals that look like rough stones. The diamond cutters generally make precise cutting and polishing before the stones become ready for jewelry making. If you ever thought about how diamonds are cut, here are some of the points you need to know.

What Do You Understand By Diamond Cutting?

Rough diamonds generally look like small rocks without having any sparkle or shine on the surface. The diamond cutter cuts the diamond in proper shape and then polishes it so well that it looks like traditional diamonds you see placed in engagement rings and jewelry.

Diamond cutting is the process to shave off the diamond until it gets the right shape. The cutting process is one of the most important factors to determine the beauty, quality, and value of the diamond. The skilled diamond cutter performs this delicate process with expertise and the use of effective tools.

Rough diamonds are generally mined from underground. Then they go to the main diamond centers where they are processed before they are available for retailing. However, you can now buy wholesale diamonds in Dallas from trusted diamond cutters who will directly sell these precious stones at a very low cost, as there is no middleman involved.0

What Is The History Of Diamond Cutting?

The diamonds have been around for several ages, with the earliest record of the same being found in India and used for both decorative and religious purposes. The diamond-cutting process that we know today developed in modern times and it was not a matter of the middle ages. 

The process of diamond cutting has largely evolved from table cut and rose cut to the brilliant cuts that we see currently. The latest technologies of the diamond cutting process have come up that help diamond cutters to get the finest cuts.

What Is The Best Diamond Cut Known?

Before the diamond cutters cut the diamond, they will find out the flaws and blemishes on the rough stone. Then, they will plan out the particular cut that they want to make to maximize the beauty and value of the stone. 

As 50-60% of the diamonds are cut during the process, it is very important to find out what finished diamond you are looking for.

The next step is to make the stone with the use of effective tools. The guidelines will help the diamond cutter for ensuring the diamond is symmetrical.

The diamond pavilion depth also affects the diamond cut. This distance from the bottom of the girdle to the culet of the stone is called the pavilion depth. The depth which is too low or deep will allow light to escape from the stone sides. On the other hand, the well-cut diamond will reflect more light from the bottom.
Buying lab-grown diamonds has become quite popular and many lab cutters directly sell the diamonds to end users at low prices, cutting down the middleman. One such name is Diamond Exchange Dallas. Get lab-grown diamonds at the lowest prices ever!

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