We are so used to the colorless diamonds that we often fail to recognize the value of colored diamonds, widely referred to as “fancy color diamonds”. Though colorless diamonds are the most popular engagement rings, fancycolor diamonds are gaining popularity as a unique and personal alternative. Assessing the fancy color diamond’s quality is similar to.. read more →

Diamond rings and other gemstones are huge investments. Jewelry stores are a dime a dozen–make sure that your desired jeweler can be trusted! Here are some common questions that you might consider asking before you purchase from a jeweler: Is he/she already established in the business? How many years has he/she been in the jewelry.. read more →

Gentlemen, when you find that special someone in your life, you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with her!Engagement ringsmake it official and say to everyone that you and your loved one are preparing for a new romantic life together! An engagement ring is a sign of love, willingness and commitment between.. read more →

The word “Diamond” is derived from a Greek word “Adamas” meaning indestructible. About 250 tons of earth is needed to mine and produce 1 one-carat diamond. Diamond is considered the hardest natural material on Earth. Diamond crystals were formed billion years ago beneath the earth’s surface and are brought to the surface through volcanic activity… read more →

Diamonds are beautiful to behold. Unfortunately, not all diamonds we see in the store are considered real. There are diamonds that are man-made or made in laboratories. Though there may not be a significant difference when see both a fake diamond and a real diamond using our naked eye, it is important to distinguish the.. read more →

A diamond ring is one of the most precious possessions a woman will own. Educate yourself before investing in the diamond ring of a lifetime. Buying a quality diamond is not as easy as it seems but there are four essential elements of a diamond that can help you make the right choice: the 4Cs.. read more →