When you reach that time when you start thinking about diamond engagement rings, it’s an exciting endeavor full of lots of options. Some women are more classic and traditional, while others are more edgy and modern. Finding a ring that matches a woman’s personality is the most important thing. To help educate you on the.. read more →

One of the most exciting gifts that anybody can give or receive is a diamond ring! That’s why when it comes to picking out a diamond ring, you should take your time to shop around until you find the perfect thing. There are many options in diamond rings these days, so if you fail to.. read more →

The cut of a diamond contributes to its value and overall beauty. When a diamond is cut, it creates facets in the stone that make it sparkle. Common types of facets are star facet, table facet, bezel facet, pavillion facet, and girdle facet. The cut also forms the shape of the diamond, which is a.. read more →

Diamonds come in different forms, sizes, shapes and colors. Though each one is unique and spectacular in its own way, there are certain diamonds that particularly stand out from the crowd. In fact, over the years, there are diamonds that have gained recognition across the globe. Take a look at of some of the world’s.. read more →

    Diamonds are the perfect choice when it comes to engagement rings. Yet, despite the huge popularity of diamond rings, they still remain one of the most expensive precious stones.     When shopping for a diamond ring, one of the first things that many people want is to save a few dollars on the price… read more →

Engagement rings are valuable possessions that need to be well taken care of. These precious jewelries needs to be in a safe and secure place while at the same time maintained in order to retain its spark and shine. There are many things you can do to take good care of your diamond ring. Here.. read more →