Jewelry Consignment

Get top money with consignment for diamond jewelry, engagement rings, and diamonds.

Are you wanting to get the most money for your diamonds and jewelry? Have you shopped your items around at pawn shops or cash for jewelry stores and found out that they simply do not pay what you know your items are worth? Diamond Exchange Dallas offers jewelry consignment Dallas residents can take advantage of!

Jewelry consignment Dallas by Diamond Exchange Dallas allows our customers to get the most for their jewelry! The process is very simple. When you go to jewelry stores or pawn shops they never give you the amount that you want to get for your precious jewelry items. They low ball you to death!

As long as your are not in a big hurry for money, jewelry consignment is the way to go! At Diamond Exchange Dallas we are experts at getting our customers the most for their jewelry. Most of our customers come from the internet (just as you probably found us). We have hundreds of people each and everyday shopping the excellent deals that Diamond Exchange Dallas offers. As opposed to just selling your jewelry for next to nothing, jewelry consignment Dallas is the way to go! We will take the items that you wish to sell, clean them really good, appraise them, and list them on our website, display the items at our jewelry store and other avenues to attract potential buyers. We never charge you anything to consign jewelry items unless we actually find a buyer for your jewelry. Once sold and the money is available we charge 10% of the final price.

How to get started with our jewelry consignment program.

If you want to get maximum value when selling your jewelry or engagement rings then consignment is the best option. In order to get started you will need to contact us to schedule an appointment to get your jewelry evaluated and appraised. We will give you a FREE evaluation and help you to determine what we think that the resell price should be based on our experience and the market. Contact Us today by filling out our contact form or by calling us directly at 214-755-1806.