Radiant Diamonds Dallas
If you are looking for the best source for radiant diamonds in Dallas, TX then you have definitely came to the right place. Diamond Exchange Dallas is a jewelry store in Dallas that carries a large selection of radiant diamonds. At Diamond Exchange we physically cut loose diamonds on-site and we sell direct to the public. We have a large selection of wholesale diamonds and engagement rings. In this article we will go into detail about the aspects of radiant cut diamonds.

What Exactly Is a Radiant Diamond?

A radiant diamond has an eight-sided outline and typically comes in a rectangular or square shape with cut corners. Having a complete brilliant cut facet pattern on both the pavilion and the crown, the radiant cut produces a lively and vibrant square diamond. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), world’s foremost authority in gemology, describes radiant cuts as ‘Cut Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant’ diamonds.

The signature characteristics of radiant diamonds are 45-degree cut corners, straight edges, and flat table. A wonderful alternative to emerald or round brilliant, radiant diamonds tend to be more forgiving of different inclusions, compared to emerald or princess cut diamonds which favors exceptional clarity.

If you admire colored fancy diamonds, radiant cut sure is the best choice as it has an incredible ability of transforming the color appearance of a diamond i.e. making the hue appear either darker or lighter when viewed from above. Colored diamonds are sometimes recut into radiant to enhance its face-up color.

How to Choose Exquisite Radiant Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamonds
Selecting the perfect diamond is not an easy task when you are inundated with various options of stunning diamonds. Diamond aficionados address this recurrent dilemma by opting for the radiant cut diamond that blends the twin wonders of diamond world – defined silhouette of emerald cut diamond and the sparkle of brilliant cut diamond. This unified cutting style of the radiant diamond makes it an ideal choice for engagement rings as it presents an alluring combination of refined elegance of emerald cut and the fire of round brilliant.

Engagement Rings with Radiant Diamonds

A relatively new entrant in the world of fancy-shaped diamonds, the radiant diamond is a good candidate for stunning engagement rings. A radiant diamond, with its brilliant-cut faceting, offers remarkable sparkle while beautifully disguising inclusions. Hence, a diamond with less-than-phenomenal clarity is the ideal choice for radiant cut.

Radiant diamonds enjoy quite a fan following among brides-to-be. These elongated stones create an illusion of slenderizing fingers while the shorter styles flatter petite hands. If you want to combine radiant diamonds with other gemstones, it looks beautiful when set with both square-cornered and round diamonds. Vital characteristics to look for in a radiant cut diamond are parallel sides, a well-centered culet, and corners cropped flawlessly to identical size. However, the charming sparkle and fascinating appearance of radiant cut diamonds make them particularly attractive as solitaires. And they don’t really require any additional embellishment to stand out from the crowd of round or princess-cut diamonds.

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Now that you have read the information on radiant diamonds the next step is to see the diamonds in person. At Diamond Exchange Dallas we prefer to be by appointment so we can have the stones prepared to show you. You can request an appointment by filling out our contact form. While you are at our jewelry store we can show you numerous radaint diamonds and help you pick the perfect one! We also have a large selection of engagement ring settings that you can choose from or we can create a custom ring. We look forward to helping you find the diamond and ring of your dreams!