Oval Diamonds Dallas
If you are looking for an excellent resource for oval cut diamonds in Dallas, TX then you have came to the right place! Diamond Exchange Dallas has a large selection of gorgeous and well priced oval diamonds that will make any girls dream come true. Diamond Exchange Dallas is a jewelry store located in Dallas that is known for having a phenominal selection of wholesale diamonds at unbeatable prices. In this article we will discuss all the details of oval cut diamonds and why we think they are one of the most magnificent stones available.

Feminine and Chic: Oval Cut Diamonds Are Simply Gorgeous

The world of stunning diamond engagement rings has experienced a bout of excitement with the recent popularity of oval cut diamonds. Exquisitely feminine with soft edges and a refined appearance – the oval diamond is slowly but steadily eating into the fame of conventional favorites such as the round and the princess. Never can you make a fashion blunder with this radiant and unique shape, however, before you go ahead, the following tips will help you choose the most perfect oval diamond possible.
Oval Cut Diamonds

What Makes an Ideal Oval Diamond?

The oval diamond comes in a fancy shape. Its elongated round silhouette evokes minimalist elegance however with slight difference. Picking up a beautiful oval diamond will require you to understand the anatomy of the perfect oval diamond. Explore the 4Cs of Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat in a diamond to assess its quality. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), world’s foremost authority in gemology – employs these same criteria to determine color, clarity, and carat weight for oval diamonds just like it does in round brilliants. This process can help in effectively narrowing your search.

Length-to-Width Ratio of Oval Diamonds

Proportion is the keyword when you are comparing oval diamonds. Preferences differ on how fat or narrow an oval diamond should be according to personal choices. Choose what appears visually appealing to you, however, a length-to-width ratio between 1.3:1 and 1.5:1 is usually considered as the classic oval shape.

Anything slightly thinner looks prettier in settings where the center stone is flanked and complemented by side stones. While buying an oval diamond look for stated length-to-width ratio and precise measurements to know the particular shape of the diamond you decide to choose. Nevertheless, if you decide to place the oval diamond in a solitaire setting, it is a good idea to opt for the lower end of the length-to-width ratio so that the shape remains a bit wider to appear bigger on the finger.

GIA conducted a comprehensive survey of shape preferences in 2009 revealing that trade professionals and consumers frequently prefer the longer oval cut. The survey also showed that for oval diamonds the most popular length-to-width ratio was 1.7:1, though you will rarely find one with such proportions as it is simply not practical to cut such a long diamond from its original rough.

The Bow Tie Effect

Another factor in the cut and ratio of oval diamonds is the presence of bowtie effect varying from severe to nearly invisible. The bow-tie effect refers to the appearance of a dead space with zero or less brilliance in the middle of fancy shape elongated diamonds. All elongated fancy shaped diamonds have bow tie, but the ratio and cut impact how visible or more importantly, invisible this effect will be.


A symmetrical oval diamond is the undeniably the best looking one. To determine its symmetry, imagine a line down and across the center where the faceting and shape of the twin halves mirror each other. A perfectly cut oval diamond with proper ratio shows maximum brilliance and minimal bow-tie, resulting in possibly the most brilliant diamond.

An oval diamond is classy and beautiful and surely little different from the rest. If you have been planning to find your perfect oval diamond, this is the best time to go shopping!

How To Find Your Perfect Oval Diamond

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