jewelry dallasIf you are looking for excellent jewelers in Dallas, TX then you have definitely came to the right price. Not only do we have quality jewelry to choose from, but our prices are unbeatable. Why are your prices unbeatable you might ask yourself? When you deal with Diamond Exchange Dallas eliminates all the middle men that way you do not have to pay the marked up 300% charges retail stores charge. We actually cut diamonds on site in our office in Dallas and make custom jewelry. Luckily, the man in charge here Roderick (who is from South Africa) has been cutting diamonds and making custom jewelry on site for over 25 years!! He is defnitely one of the top sought after jewelers in Dallas because of his skill set and knowledge!

jewelers in dallas

dallas jewelryWe are one of the jewelers in Dallas that many jewelry stores around the DFW rely on our company and Roderick to cut and repair their customers jewelry and diamonds. Again, there are known to be only 400 people in the world who know the expertise of cutting precision diamonds. We are the only known jewelers in Dallas that actually cut and sell diamonds to the public. The rest of the diamond cutters out their are just working for assorted jewelry stores and do not sell their expertise to the public. Luckily for us our company has plans on expanding and being one of the most trusted jewelers in Dallas. We just recently started to cater to the public with out services and the feedback so far has been overwhelming. Our goal is to treat every customer right and give them the best prices on the jewelry, rings, or diamonds they are in need of.