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How To Buy An Engagement Ring From Diamond Exchange Dallas

Buy Engagement Ring Diamond Exchange Dallas
Engagement rings is the main jewelry item that we sell at Diamond Exchange Dallas. People often find us after doing a Google search looking for the best place to buy diamonds and engagement rings in Dallas. We have people from all income levels and budgets that contact us looking for a great, dependable deal on diamond engagement ring. Once they contact us it is our job to get our clients the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. We prefer to service our clients by appointment that way we can prepare our best stones to show them.

Diamond Exchange Dallas is not a typical jewelry store where you walk in and there is display cases everywhere and aggressive sales people. We are actually a diamond wholesaler and we cut the diamonds on-site. Your experience at Diamond Exchange will be a one-on-one interaction with hundreds of choices to pick from. When you come to us there will be a series of questions that we will ask you to help you get the perfect engagement ring. Below is a list of standard questions we ask almost every customer:

What is your budget?

This is normally the first question that we ask our customer when helping them find their engagement ring. Most customers come in with a set amount of money that they are wanting to spend on their diamond ring. Without knowing what the budget is then we will not know where to start the process. It would be useless to dangle a $10000 ring in from of a customer and ask if they like it only to find out they have a set budget of $2000. By asking this question first we can go through our inventory and figure out which diamonds and rings that we have available for that particular budget that we think our client will like.

Our goal will always be to get our customers the nicest ring and diamond for their budget. Our prices are normally at least 25% less expensive that retail stores for the same quality. Our best customers are educated customers that have shopped around already and once they find us they are delighted at our quality, price, selection, and service.

What shape center diamond do you want?

Center Diamond Choices
The most important and the most expensive part of an engagement ring is the larger center diamond. Some customers come to us who are very educated and very particular about the center diamond. They typically know what the favorite diamond shape that their future wife is wanting. However, not every customer is as particular. When we sell an engagement ring we will normally spend a lot of time comparing loose diamonds side by side to see which one stands out the most to them.

Diamond Exchange Dallas has a large selection of loose diamonds at wholesale prices to choose from. We will help educate you on the different characteristics of a diamond such as shape, size, color, and clarity. We carry diamonds that are GIA certified as well as uncertified diamonds. On most of the engagement rings that we sell we will allow the option for a 3rd party appraisal report to be completed by a GIA accredited gemologist for insurance purposes. On the otherhand, we do have customers that have no clue what type of center stone they want. In that case, we have hundreds of rings already set up on display for people to shop from and try on. The goal is to put a smile on the girls face everytime she looks down at her ring finger. Once we figure out the center diamond then it is on to the next step :).

Choosing the perfect setting:

Engagement Ring Settings Choices
The next step in the engagement ring shopping process is to find the perfect setting for the center diamond that you select. Settings can come in all shapes and sizes and from simple to very complex. Some ladies like the look of a simple solitaire setting that shows off the center diamond with no distractions. Other ladies like very extravagant settings with multiple diamonds, bands, and halos. Whatever the case may be Diamond Exchange Dallas has you covered.

We have hundreds of engagement ring settings to choose from and try on to fit your taste. If we do not have the exact setting that you are wanting then we can get it shipped in or we can custom make it. No ring is impossible to recreate! If you bring us the idea that you are wanting then we can make it happen.

The final touches at the jeweler:

Once we have figured out the perfect diamond with the perfect setting for the perfect price the next step is getting the ring completed by the jeweler. The jeweler is the person that sets the diamonds and sizes the rings to fit. Thier job is very important because we do not want nothing to happen with the precious diamond that you picked out. We only use the best jeweler in town. We use the same jeweler for the majority of our work who does the work perfect the very first time.

When we get the engagement ring back from the jeweler it will be in perfect shape and ready to have the final appraisal done on the ring. After the appraisal is done then it is ready for pickup by its new owner!

Schedule an appointment today

If you are in the market to buy an engagement ring then contact us today. We are confident that we are the best place in Dallas to buy an engagement ring because of our unbeatable prices, large selection of quality loose diamonds, endless possiblilities of settings, and master level knowledge of the industry. By taking excellent care of our customers we have amassed over 230 5 star Google Reviews and growing! You con schedule an appointment by calling us at 214-755-1806 of by filling out our contact form

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