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Are you wanting top cash for your gold and live in the Dallas area? We also pay for diamonds if they are in the settings unlike 99% of cash for gold stores!!!! $$$$$$- More money for you!!

Are you looking into selling your gold?? We deal with gold shops everyday that underpay some of their customers because they sometimes have diamond settings in their rings or jewelry.  We not only will pay you top cash 4 gold or silver, gold buyers Dallas, TX we will also pay you top dollar if you have any diamonds in your gold (even if they are small diamonds). We have gold and silver shops phoning us everyday so they can make a big profit of the diamonds they possible could have told you are not worth much. Bottom line is we are GOLD BUYERS DALLAS TX and we will pay you top dollar for your gold!


Dallas Gold Exchange

With different gold buyers Dallas TX here is how the process works. You bring in whatever gold, silver, or diamonds that you want instant cash for and leave with money, gold for cash. We buy all sorts of precious metals- coins, scrap jewelry, teeth, rings, necklaces, and so on. A lot, of our customers have silverware that is made out of real silver and that could equate to a big payoff. We do consider one of our specialties as gold buyers Dallas TX, but we also deal a lot in the diamond industry, we buy a lot of silver, and we often exchange or have the ability to hold it on consignment. Because of outstanding customer service and our top payouts we have repeat customers all the time. So if you have gold or valuables, then what are you waiting on? Call or come by to meet us.


So if you are looking for a gold buyer in Dallas, TX definitely stop by or give us a call and we will give you cash money on the spot. We have been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. We will not only give you top dollar for your gold or silver, but we will also pay you top dollar for your diamonds eve if they are small. You can  can call Roderick at 214-755-1806. Yes, I have an office full of people but I am the one who usually handles the internet posts and answers some of the phone callas. Have a blessed day and I hope to hear from you soon.


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