If you are looking for the best resource for emerald diamonds in Dallas then you have came to the right place! Diamond Exchange Dallas is a jewelry store in Dallas that offers emerald diamonds and engagement rings. In this article we will take an in-depth look at the different aspects of emerald cut diamonds and where to get the best deal when shopping for one.

The Arresting Elegance of Emerald Diamonds

An emerald cut diamond goes beautifully beyond the commonalities of round brilliant and princess cut diamonds. Emerald diamonds are non-traditional and exceptional in their appearance. An emblem of elegance and sophistication, emerald cut diamonds enjoy a huge popularity among diamond connoisseurs and brides-to-be.
The unique appearance of the emerald cut diamond is produced by its open, large table and the step cuts of the table. Unlike the sparkle of the brilliant-cut, emerald diamonds create a hall-of-mirrors aura with the interplay of dark and light planes. The diamond shape earned this particular moniker inspired by the original cutting style developed for emeralds.

The Many Shapes of Emerald Diamonds

When it comes to engagement rings, rectangular diamond shape like an emerald cut has a long history and enjoys a reputation for refined elegance in engagement rings. The elongated outline helps in making the finger appear slender and longer.
However, the silhouette of emerald cut diamonds differs from narrow rectangle to nearly square. The classic emerald diamond has the ideal length to width ratio of 1.50. If you are inclined towards a more pronounced square in your diamond, the asscher cut can be considered. With a striking semblance, asscher cut has been defined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as the square cut emerald.

Color and Clarity in Emerald Diamonds

Evaluating color and clarity in emerald cut diamonds are often subjective. Many consumers may prefer the slightly warmer hues of a G-H emerald diamond over the cool translucence of a D-F emerald diamond. Though difficult to distinguish, buyers are willing to spend a fortune on diamonds of highest color grading.
Due to its large, expansive open facets, color as well as inclusions are visible in emerald cut diamonds. Imperfections become more conspicuous in diamonds of lower clarity owing to the longer step cuts. Though having 49 facets or more, emerald diamonds are less scintillating compared to round or princess cuts owing to the step cut form of faceting. Since abundance of scintillation conceals inferior color or even inclusions, this style of facet pattern having lower scintillation actually emphasizes inferior clarity and color.
When buying for an emerald diamond, superior quality – in terms of clarity, color, and carat weight, all within your budget – is the keyword. Be sure to buy a properly graded and evaluated diamond from your jeweler. With its sophisticated, crisp lines, the emerald cut diamond engagement ring has remained a perennial favorite among the fashionable elite.

How To Buy An Emerald Diamond From Diamond Exchange Dallas

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