Diamond Color Grading
A diamond is the most precious gem on the planet and as such, is a very expensive item to purchase. It makes sense, therefore, to do a thorough research prior to purchasing a diamond either for oneself or ones loved one. You can reach out to jewelers and jewelry shop salespeople, who will only be too glad to help you out with information. Of course, more often than not it will be a whole lot of jargon and will succeed in only confusing you further.

Diamond Exchange Dallas will help educate you about diamond color

There is also ample information that you may find online, but some of them may not be verified and can end up giving you conflicting opinions. At Diamond Exchange Dallas, we want to make sure that all our customers and those who want to buy a diamond, are made aware of the intricacies of diamond purchase and know exactly what to look for when finally deciding on a piece of jewelry. Roderick at Diamond Exchange Dallas is a diamond cutter with over 20 years experience and he will take his time to show you different diamonds of different colors under magnificent lighting.

Here is an awesome video by GIA about diamond color:

Diamond color and value:

You’ve probably heard of the 4C’s that help to determine the quality of a diamond. These are the cut, the clarity, the carat, and the color. In this piece, we will be explaining to the layman the importance of diamond color.

A colorless diamond is a myth. Well, almost. We say this because only a chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond is completely transparent with no shades of color: which is more or less extremely rare. Diamonds can be of a variety of colors: white, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, brown, grey, and black.

The cost of a diamond is also determined by the diamond color. Whereas completely pure and colorless diamonds are top of the list when it comes to pricing, diamonds with a tinge of color in it is less expensive. Even in the case of colored diamonds, those that have a tinge of yellow are on the lower end of the pricing curve whereas those that have a pink or bluish tinge are far pricier. When it comes to diamond color, the most expensive of the whole set are red diamonds.

Diamond color has been graded by the Gemstone Institute of America and falls under the following brackets:

  • Colorless: D-E-F
  • Near colorless: G-H-I-J
  • Faint Yellow: K-L-M
  • Very light Yellow: N-O-P-Q-R
  • Light Yellow: S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

The diamond color is often very difficult to detect after it is set on a metal, be it a base for an earring or a band for a ring. For instance, if a yellow diamond is mounted on a yellow gold or gold base, then it will appear less tinted and seem almost colorless. Whereas, the same yellow diamond, when mounted on a white, platinum, or silver base will become more apparently tinted.

Determining the color of a diamond:

It is highly unusual that a layman can detect the color distinctions with naked eye, because they are way too subtle to be noticed. It is only a trained gemologist or a jeweler who can recognize the difference between the various shades and hues of the colored diamonds. At Diamond Exchange Dallas, we have a set of trained gemologists who can not only tell the difference but who also explain to the buyer the difference between the prices of jewels depending on diamond color.

So, if you’ve planned to get a diamond for yourself or to make someone special glow with pleasure, do drop in at the Diamond Exchange Dallas, and we’ll help you make the best buy of your lifetime. Not only will you be able to gain experience regarding the subtleties necessary to purchasing diamonds, you will also make the best bargain of your life, and in the process have a very pleased and glowing loved on your arm!