Dallas Diamond Exchange is not your typical jewelry store located in Dallas or anywhere else. What makes us different is we offer diamonds BELOW WHOLESALE COST! How is that you might ask? Well we actually cut the diamonds ourselves in house. At Diamond Exchange Dallas have two diamond cutters from South Africa who have a combined experience of over 40 years of experience that actually will cut custom diamonds and we often invite our customers to come in and see how it is done. In fact their are just over 400 diamond cutters in the entire world and we are lucky to have two of the best Ideal diamond cutters at Dallas Diamond Exchange.

Here is how most Dallas Diamond Exchange works versus how other Jewelry Stores work and you can see the HUGE SAVINGS for yourself!

dallas diamond exchange wholesale diamonds

Dallas Diamond Exchange Specializes in Custom Engagement Rings, Unique Cut Loose Diamonds, Custom Jewelry, Repairing Broken Diamonds, Lowest Prices in the Industry, Paying Top Dollar for Diamonds and Jewelry, and much more!

dallas diamond engagement rings exchange
Dallas Diamond Exchange offers so many different services to our clients. If you are looking for a one of a kind custom engagement ring for the love of your life we can definitely help you custom design that. We have made thousands of diamond engagement rings so that is definitely one of our specialties. We have thousands of different settings to choose from and we will not be undersold on any diamond ring. When you buy direct from a diamond cutter you will definitely get the best deal! We can customize any type of diamond and setting that you can dream up. We also sell loose cut diamonds, many which are GIA Certified and we invite to our office to see how much precision it takes to cut diamonds. We can also make custom rings, so if you are looking for a yellow, pink, or any other type of custom ring we can customize those for you. If you have a chipped diamond engagement ring Diamond Exchange Dallas repairs those on a daily basis. Also, we will take trade ins, or buy your diamond jewelry on the spot. Just come by anytime Monday through Friday from 9 to 5:30 and we will make you a cash offer that you will be pleased with!