Diamonds are timeless! They are precious in more ways than just the quality of the gem, for they symbolize the most powerful of human emotions; love, beauty and commitment. A very popular request at Diamond Exchange Dallas is for a cushion cut diamonds. The cushion cut diamond is one of the most beautiful cuts, and though it is now experiencing a new popularity, it is in fact over 200 years old and brings together the modern with the classical. Buyers are attracted to the regal design of the cushion cut diamond while enjoying the modern performance offered. The cushion cut diamond is a traditional cut that returns light in larger or chunkier patterns than modern cuts, which when combined with enlarged cutlets, creates the classic and highly desired look that is prized with antique diamond dealers and modern purchasers.

More about cushion cut diamonds

In the 1920’s, research by Marcel Tolkowsky led to many refinements to cushion cut diamonds such as shrinking the culet, enlarging the table, and improved cut angles for increased brilliance. The beauty of the cushion cut diamond is the fusion of classic and modern, and can be easily recognized by its square or rectangular brilliant cuts with rounded corners and curved sides that resemble the pillow or cushion shape.  This cut style allows for more engaged light dispersion and fire, making it the choice for the individual that seeks modern cosmopolitan romanticism with an elegance beyond that of the traditional square or round cuts, thus becoming the perfect stone for engagement and weddings rings for the truly magnificent.  Shopping for this style of cut does require a little more advanced understanding, and using the services of a highly trained gemologist is very important.

Our selection of cushion cut diamonds

Diamond Exchange Dallas offers a large selection of cut stones based on carat size, clarity and color. There is a wide selection of cuts that fall under the cushion cut family, which might add some confusion to buyers, for example: they are often cut deeper which can reduce the apparent face size of the diamond in relation to its carat size. Diamond Exchange Dallas has an in-house master diamond cutter, Roderick, with more than 25 years’ experience that can walk you the intricacies of this popular style; while, insuring you get the highest quality, greatest brilliance and find the diamond that is perfect for you. Avoid the plain, the standard and the generic by allowing the professionals at the Diamond Exchange Dallas will help you find the perfect stone and setting for the perfect moment in your life!  We invite you to schedule an appointment to see our cushion cut diamonds in Dallas by calling us at 214-755-1806 or by filling out our contact form.