1. Diamond Wholesaler
    Our roots are based in South Africa.  We have been wholesaling and importing diamonds for over 25 years.  We are experienced and professional diamond cutters and you will not find a better place to find Wholesale Diamonds Dallas
  2. Custom Jewelers
    We can custom make any type of diamond jewelry you need. If it’s a ring, necklace, watch, bracelet, or even diamond and platinum teeth. We have 25 years experience as custom jeweler in Dallas and have customized almost every thing imaginable so if you need custom jewelry in Dallas then give us a call.
  3. We Buy Diamonds
    We buy diamonds and we offer the highest price.  We buy diamonds from jewelry stores that bought their diamonds from the public so we will always give our clients the highest price for their diamonds.  We buy all diamonds regardless of the shape its in. Sell Diamonds Dallas
  4. We sell diamonds
    We are diamond wholesalers as well as on-site diamond cutters.  We have any type of diamond that you need at the lowest price possible
  5. Engagement Rings
    If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for the best price then contact us today. Engagement Rings Dallas TX
  6. Cash for Gold
    We will buy your gold today.  Bring it in and leave with cash.