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Engagement Rings DallasThank You for visiting Diamond Exchange Dallas! Are you looking for the best place in Dallas, TX to get an engagement ring? Do you also want to get the best deal in town on a diamond? If so, then you have definitely came to the right spot. Diamond Exchange Dallas offers on-site custom diamond cutting so you can get your diamond engagement rings and jewelry directly from the source! We import the diamonds directly from South Africa and actually cut and customize the diamonds here at our location in Dallas.

We invite you to come in today and we will be glad to show you the process of how diamonds for engagement rings are perfectly made. So, if you are looking for engagement rings Dallas TX then contact us today at 214-755-1806. We are by appointment only.

Custom Engagement Rings in Dallas TX

We carry and offer all types of diamond engagement rings. Engagement Rings Dallas We have rings in our office that are already set and we can also customize diamond jewelry. Many of our customers already have their setting picked out and are just interested in purchasing a loose diamond from us. Whatever the case may be we can assist you. So whether your looking for a .5 carat diamond ring or a 10 carat engagement ring we can make it happen. Diamond Exchange Dallas is the ultimate source for engagement rings in Dallas TX.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will make the ring of your dreams a reality. We are by appointment only and we often work on Saturdays.
Custom Engagement Rings in Dallas TX

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Do not overpay for your diamonds! We talk to people everyday interested in selling their diamonds that paid way too much to begin with. Our prices on engagement rings Dallas TX is unbeatable! Our customers get below wholesale prices on diamonds and eliminate all middle men. Our diamond cutter and the gentleman you will be dealing with, Roderick, is from the diamond mines in South Africa. He has over 25 years experience customizing diamonds and engagement rings. When people come into our office they realize real quickly that they are dealing with the source. You are allowed to come into our office by appointment and actually watch how a diamond is cut.

We specialize in all cuts of diamonds for engagement rings

Dallas TX Engagement Rings
We carry and offer diamonds in all shapes and sizes. Whatever type of diamond you are looking for we offer it. Until recently, we have been a well kept secret for engagement rings Dallas TX. Now that the cat is out of the bag we want everyone to know about Diamond Exchange Dallas. So if you are shopping for an engagement ring you owe it to yourself (and your significant other) to contact us about our diamonds.

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Thanks for visiting DiamondExchangeDallas.com. If you need information on buying, selling, or customizing diamond jewelry give "Roderick" a call @ 214-755-1806. Roderick is a diamond importer from S. Africa with over 25 years experience cutting and customizing diamond jewelry. We are located in N. Dallas and all work is done on-site. **** Call Roderick Now @ 214-755-1806
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