One of the more popular requests that we have been having at Diamond Exchange Dallas is for vintage engagement rings. Most of the requests have been from women that are already married and want to upgrade to a beautiful antique style wedding ring. Whatever the case may be, Diamond Exchange Dallas is here to get.. read more →

Let ‘s talk about an awesome show last night!! Diamond Exchange Dallas wants to thank the Dallas Cowboys for entertaining Cowboys Nation last night! After that tough loss over Thanksgiving, the Cowboys went over to Philly and handled their business. Dez Bryant with 3 touchdowns~ throwing up “The X” like he had been there before… read more →

This is a picture of a 5 carat diamond engagement ring that we customized at Diamond Exchange Dallas

Are you interested in possibly buying a 5 carat diamond engagement ring one day? If you are, I am sure that you would like to be educated before you take the plunge and buy it. There are a lot of variables when it comes to putting a price tag on a diamond that size. We.. read more →

Not every woman is lucky enough to be going crazy about the types of diamond jewelry she is receiving from her fiance. There are in fact many who just want a touch of class and an authentic cut in the gifts they receive. For a man who has chosen such a woman to be his.. read more →

Have your diamond jewelry checked and cleaned by a reliable jeweler. This is to ensure that your diamond jewelry is free of any dirt or damaging substances that may be stuck inside. When you’re applying your makeup, styling your hair or applying lotion, be sure to remove your ring to avoid the contact of lotions.. read more →

We are so used to the colorless diamonds that we often fail to recognize the value of colored diamonds, widely referred to as “fancy color diamonds”. Though colorless diamonds are the most popular engagement rings, fancycolor diamonds are gaining popularity as a unique and personal alternative. Assessing the fancy color diamond’s quality is similar to.. read more →